Thursday, January 15, 2009

1. i slept in for a very long time because i dont have class on thursdays!
2. i went to the marais with my friend molly, which is a cute little area (what area isn't a cute little area?) with SO MANY shops. almost too many. luckily there isn't a such thing as too many shops though. many of them were really expensive, and all of them were tiny. in france, its customary to say "bonjour" upon entering a shop and "merci" or "bon journée" when leaving, even if no one cares or is looking at you. i dont know why. it's kind of silly. the french really enjoy being polite.
3. molly and i ate at a little french cafe and the ordering/paying process was sort of confusing and stressful so we went to a boulangerie afterwards and got dessert.
4. while exploring previously mentioned boutiques, i bought 3 articles of clothing: 2 vintage dresses for 10 euro apiece from a store that i absolutely MUST return to because of the sheer volume and cuteness of clothing articles within, and a skirt for 24 euro from a shop that my guidebook told me was cute and cheap and ended up being just that.
5. i bought a cell phone and felt like a retard american who cant speak french because that is precisely what i am. molly had to translate what i was saying to the man who worked there because every time i tried to speak he said he couldn't understand what i was saying. i felt pretty foolish, but i managed to purchase a cell phone and feel more like a human being now. 
6. we ate the french version of pinkberry which is called myberry and tastes/looks exactly like pinkberry but apparently is not in any way related to pinkberry. it was delicious either way.

and that was what i did today. it was very tiring, but quite a pleasant day nonetheless. the weather was sunny and 43 degrees and it really was the perfect day for a shop.  

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