Sunday, January 25, 2009

   this hasn't been a terribly exciting week or weekend, but i did have a few noteworthy experiences.
   on monday night, for the inauguration, a few friends and i met up at a Canadian bar in St. Germain (my new favorite part of town, btw). It was a weird experience, because nearly everyone inside was speaking english and we were watching cnn and it just seemed like i was in america. It was definitely nice and comforting, but also made me realize just how far away from the us i really am! The french definitely love obama though, there are billboards and posters and magazines and newspapers like all over the place with his face. its actually really cool, and i feel like maybe the french dont hate us so much anymore now that obama is in town. 
   wednesday night, i went with a group of friends to a sangria bar in st.germain. a couple of us stayed out late enough to take the Noctilien home, which is the bus that carts around all the drunk people after the metro closes down. it was actually a really fun experience and there were all kinds of interesting people aboard, to say the least.
   on saturday, i finally made a visit to the eiffel tower. Here is the evidence:
We went up to the very top which was a little bit scary but an amazing view, and i'm glad i have another important parisian experience accomplished.
   Sunday began with a trip to the market, once again, because it really is the cheapest and best place to buy fruits and veggies and stuff. The man at the nut stand recognized me from last week and made fun of my pathetic attempts at french. there are also these crazy people there who sell clementines and literally shove bags at you as you walk past and shove extra clementines into your bag and shove clementines in your face for you to sample. Here he is: 
you cant see him very well, but he yelled at me angrily after i took his picture. I also got some delicious cheese and baguettes at the market (which i have already devoured).
      afterwards, molly and i went to see a couple of museum exhibits that were really cool, one at the MEP, a photography museum in the Marais, and the other by Place de la Concorde, where the guillotine used to be. on the way home, an old man came onto the metro with an accordian and played music and he was so old and cute and i nearly died so i gave him my change and he said merci beaucoup and it was sooooooooooo cute.
    tonight molly and i are making lists of the remaining sights we need to see and i'm going to try to go to bed early because i have to GET UP FOR STUPID FRENCH AT 7AM TOMORROW BLAHHHHHHHHHH
i have heard rumors of a metro strike that is going to happen in the middle of this week, so hopefully they will cancel class....but they are probably just going to make us walk like 10 hours in the wee hours of the morning to get there and i will be Very Mad.
Bon Soir!!!!!

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