Sunday, January 11, 2009


today the whole group went to an algerian restaurant for lunch and had couscous and some meat which i was unable to identify, but which was pretty delicious. we went to the place where classes would be held for a little orientation meeting and then took the metro up to Montmartre, the cutest and most touristy area i've seen yet. we saw the sacre coeur, a really old beautiful church on a big hill that overlooks an amazing view of paris. we also walked by moulin rouge, as well as the little restaurant from Amelie. walking around the streets of paris is pretty much unbelievable, i sort of feel like i'm in disney world or something and the buildings are just pretend...i'm including photos to demonstrate!!! 

Sacre Coeur

Foggy view from Sacre Coeur--Paris!!!

art nouveau metro station at Montmartre

A street in Montmartre

Cute little Parisian cafe in Montmartre avec un petit moulin (windmill)!!

The café from Amelie!!

Moulin Rouge!!

I forgot to mention that i got a delicious crepe on the street right next to Moulin Rouge for din din...jambon et frommage, also known as ham and cheese. I ordered in French and the man appeared to understand me which was pretty cool. Little does he know that I utilized almost my entire French vocabulary on him!! The first day of class is tomorrow, which i'm actually kind of excited about so i should get some sleep!!

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