Monday, January 12, 2009


classes started today! in the morning i took a placement exam for my french class, and then i went to my contemporary art in france class at the wells studio later in the afternoon. they fed us french pizza hut, which is pronounced "pizza hoooot," and which comes in strange flavors like tuna and jalapeƱo and is quite different than the american version. my art history class took a trip to a small gallery in the Marais, a trendy area with tons of shops and nice restaurants, and after that went to the Pompidou centre, which houses the modern/contemporary art museum. that place was pretty cool, and I'm planning on going back often since i have an unlimited free pass. it sounds like that class is pretty much going to be field trips every single day and the professor is really nice and cool, so i'm excited. Some pictures i took include the Hotel de Ville, which is the french town hall that is all sparkly and lit up at night; the view from the top floor of the pompidou center, which includes the eiffel tower!!; the hamster tube escalators at the pompidou, and then the outside of the pompidou. I had my first french grocery store experience today as well, which was kind of difficult because the aisles were really small and crowded and it was hard to find what i needed because i couldnt understand anything on any of the labels. and also there were foie gras flavored crackers, which, for those of you who do not know, equals goose liver flavor. French class starts for real tomorrow morning, so hopefully i am not the stupidest person in the class because that would be embarrassing. 
Au revoir!!

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