Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i am le tired and still haven't overcome jet lag. it was some french holiday today so at french school they gave us this delicious cake/pastry thing with ceramic babies hidden inside. apparently it has something to do with jesus and if you get a baby in your piece then you have good luck or something. i, unfortunately, did not receive a baby. i had my first painting class today which is going to be really cool i think, but is also 4 hours long and might be painful as well. we are going to be making all our own paints somehow, and we spent today making our own canvases. after school i went to tati, the best store ever and bought some really cheap junk for my room. tati is kind of like if h&m were to have a store that sold literally anything you could ever want besides food. its pretty fun except it closes at 7. i must sleep or i will die.

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