Thursday, February 26, 2009

je suis desolee!!!!!

i have not been very good about updating my blog in the past couple of weeks, but currently i have very legitimate reasons...last week my friend from riding ponies when i was like 12 years old came to visit [which was fun but its difficult for me to elaborate right now because im on a french computer at the dorm and the keyboard is completely different and it is SO hard to type!!!!!] and brought with her 5 hooligans who ended up ALL STAYING IN MY ROOM. but that is another story. anyways, one of these hooligans decided it would be a good idea to accidentally spill beer all over my computer, and alas, i am now computerless because mine is at the computer doctor. its quite tragic.
however, in much more exciting news, i am leaving to visit Lauren in Cyprus this afternoon and i am SO EXCITED!!!!! i will be there for 10 days and will attempt to update my blog from there.

au revoir!!!

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